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Orthotics - Functional & Accomodative

Orthotics are prescription shoe inserts that balance and stabilize the foot, correcting abnormal or irregular walking patterns.  They allow the patient to walk or run more efficiently and comfortably.  These devices may also be used to slow down the progression of certain foot deformities and to stabilize the foot after surgery.

There are two types of orthotics:  functional and accommodative 

  • Functional devices are made from a neutral non-weight bearing impression, capturing any deformity between the forefoot and rear foot.  These devices are used to correct and balance the foot structure and are usually fabricated from rigid or semi-rigid materials such as graphite or polypropylene respectively. This type of device may be used for children in the treatment of flatfoot, in-toeing, or out-toeing.  Moreover, athletes use this type of orthotic in training and also during competition to alleviate pain and prevent injuries.
  • Accommodative devices are shaped from a partial weight-bearing foam impression, capturing the contour of the longitudinal arch of the foot. These devices are usually made from softer materials to reduce pressure in diabetic shoes and to accommodate arthritic and deformed feet.    

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