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Why does the ball of my foot hurt?  It feels as if I am walking on a lump or a marble, especially when bare foot on a tile or hardwood floor.  This is a common presentation for my New Bern, NC, patients with capsulitis.  

Capsulitis is the inflammation of the ligaments that maintain the stability of the joints where the toes attach to the foot.  It is usually an overuse injury due to abnormal foot structure function combined with the use of improper shoes.  The danger of ignoring this pain is that chronic inflammation can weaken the capsule over time, causing a tear.  If the capsule tears, the toe becomes unstable and has a tendency to overlap adjacent toes. 

Conservative treatments for capsulitis include: 

  • Wear a good supportive comfortable athletic shoe around the house, instead of slippers.
  • Avoid wearing a heel or dress shoe with a thin leather sole as much as possible. 
  • Avoid exercises or activities requiring you to get on the balls of your feet.

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