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The biggest misconception among my podiatry patients in New Bern, NC, is that bunions result from wearing high- heeled, narrow, or tight shoes.  However, the major determining factor of this deformity is the inherited foot type and structure.  If you inherited a flexible foot, and you like to wear high heel shoes, poor supportive shoes, or no shoes at all – compounded with the fact that you spend a lot of time on your feet, you will have a greater chance of developing this deformity.

What exactly is a bunion?  

Is it extra bone growing at the base of the big toe?  No, a bunion is the result of a gradual shift of the first metatarsal, creating the bump and a malalignment of the big toe joint.  As this deformity progresses, the hallux (big toe) may force the second toe out of position, forcing it to overlap it.

Bunions can be treated conservatively in their early stages with prescription orthotics and appropriate shoes to stabilize the foot structure and slow the progression of this deformity.  If the deformity requires surgical correction, the goal is to realign the big toe joint, bringing the hallux back to its correct position.  This surgery is usually done as an out-patient under IV sedation and local anesthesia. 

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